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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Don't Lose Your Clarity

Hebrews 4:12, we learn in an effort to deter the people’s rebellion God, whose word exposes our innermost thoughts and desires, confront them. He is saying, “You better give diligence to enter into God's rest because the word of God is living and powerful and it will pierce right down in the most inner part of your heart to see if you're really real or not.” If you believe in your salvation, you believe EVERY Word of God is real. When people turn to Jesus it is because the Word of God penetrates the heart and brings you face to face with yourself. The word of God is alive and God had to remind the Jews of its power.  There is a lesson in it for us as well. It is an encouragement to stay on course. The Jews lost the vision, became indecisive, and became distracted.  Like a good parent, God will try to get you to refocus your attention. Be encouraged, gaining clarity may cause you to lose connections, OH BUT what you will lose sight of once you gain clarity in Jesus.  God's word requires decisions ... not only to listen, but to let it shape our lives. I once read the "Word of God" being referenced as the "word is the birth of the mind". How beautiful is that? It's time to stop running away from things that are uncomfortable and hard. It's time to confront issues in your life.