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Friday, January 16, 2015

What is your prison?

Philippines 1:12. We learn about apostle Paul being in prison to advance the gospel. We learn about him using prison as his platform to excel the gospel. What is your prison... sickness,  finances, marriage, children, work? Prison is not just jail.  It is a place of discomfort you cannot get out of even if you want out. We need to recognize this "prison" so we can recognize our platform. You have to look beyond your situations and view the other perspective. Paul understood and it was known to all his imprisonment is for Christ. . He had an opportunity to escape and didn't. Paul understanding his reason for imprisonment saved the guard and offered him a relationship with Christ. How you respond or behave in your prison can affect people around you. Is your negative attitude or murmuring causing people to lose hope, or deter from God? We should live a life that gives other people courage. What is your prison? How can you advance the gospel from that position?