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Monday, January 26, 2015

Why a Relationship?

Consider yourself without lungs. How would we breathe? Impossible right? No fresh air. Your blood cannot function properly. In the same way, God created our lungs so we could take in HIS air, the relationship with the Father is the same way. VITAL! He gave us a spirit so our spirit could receive Him. As I have said before, God needs us to worship Him. He needs us to establish a relationship with Him so He is not just God in our lives, but He is our Lord. God desires a spiritual connection. Romans 8:16 says For His Spirit joins with our spirit to affirm that we are God's children.  Everyone has a God. Whether it is a God-Jehovah, or god (little g). BUT not everyone calls him Lord. His children call him Father. Again it depends on your relationship. When you establish this relationship you understand that you are His (Gen. 1:26,  2:7,9). God is perfect and you are in His likeness and image -mistake free. We need to recognize this so we can walk as God has called us to walk. This speaks of the significance of who you are. Don't believe the lie of the devil that lowers your self esteem. God found you good, holy, and acceptable. Furthermore, during the entire process of creation, man is the only one to receive a spirit. Our spirit recognizes God as life, or the Tree of Life if you will. (John 1:4) It is our spirit that allows the connection with God and we become His living vessel expressing Him outwardly. God's spirit will enlighten and expose our position and condition. His penetrating spirit will edify us and every good thing in us will come out.  We need to develop a personal relationship with the Father. If we chose to not accept His relationship we cannot proclaim His work and the world needs us. Look at the news, they are waiting for us.