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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Cut out the Junk

Junk food, junk people, junk attitude, and a junk habit, will no doubt weigh you down. At some point in our occupied and tattered life we need to release those contributors that weigh us down, occupy our time with God, and become kryptonite to our spiritual growth. Sometimes we fall under the impression God wants these contributors in our lives because of their long occupancy. In reality, they are like leeches. These contributors adhere during growth, and as we press forward we cannot make leaps, just steps. A little bit of progression, but minor results. More pressing, but slow development. A very large leech can extract as much as 15ml (size of a visine bottle) of blood in the affected area. Be that as it may, the bite oozes for days with the possibility of a blood transfusion. We need to realize those contributors occupying God's space in our life seem mentally satisfying but in reality our spiritual surge is being impeded.

Christ wants to root and ground us in love so He can dwell in our heart (Eph 3: 17). If we allow everything else to occupy our time, we cannot expect a relationship to be built. 2 John 1:9 warns us, "No one who is a violator and does not continue in the teaching of The Messiah has God in him. He who continues in his teaching, this one has The Father and The Son."

I want to encourage us today, to identify what junk is in our life. What habit is occupying time that could be used to nourish our relationship with the Father. Don't ever succomb to the thought that you cannot quit a habit. The name of Jesus has the power to heal any wounds. whether it be emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual. He heals it all.