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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Get real.

Living in denial is no way to live at all. If we are in a toxic relationship, have toxic habits, are
heavily in debt, or are engaging in dangerous activities, it's time to get real with ourself and work to fix   these issues head on. Acknowledging we have a problem is the first step towards working to fix it.  Some greats friends said you have to put away the trash. I'm going to reword it a little bit to what really hit me. We have to bury the past and jump to the future. Glory to God! We can dress in Louis Vuitton, or own Fendi handbags, but regardless of what we put on the outside; if our inside is not right ... we can still be a mess. Jeremiah 17:9 says, The human heart is more deceitful of all things, and desperately wicked.  Who really knows how bad it is?  The word heart here is referring to the human mind. It is a thought process that certain behaviors will yield some sort of pleasure. That extra sip promises comfort and ease but in reality it brings us into bondage. Putting extra emphasis on our 'ME' time promises you peace and solidarity, but really is it builds a wall between you, your spouse, and kids.  The key for us is not to try and fix ourselves by ourselves, but identify the problem and understand we cannot do it by ourselves. Our relationship with Jesus will direct us to compare ourselves to Him and his conduct with others. He will remove the profane and dissolute character and form a good character.  A deceitful mind tries to fool God but truly only deceives those around him, especially himself.  The denial happens when we trust own righteousness. If Jesus is not at the center we are thinking we can do without  Him and his justification -which makes us righteous.  If we do not see beyond the denial, we end up bearing no fruit, blaming God for not listening, and other outlandish things. Reality is we are the apple of his eye. 

If we truly desire after God's heart it is going to require us to look in the mirror and really be honest with ourselves. We cannot get free of if we do not identify and offer it up to God. If you cannot ID it, ask God to reveal it to you.