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Friday, February 27, 2015

Isaiah 44:22

Isaiah 44:22 explains to us God has wiped away the sins of Jerusalem and brought about restoration. If you ever wanted to see the character of God here you go. In order to provide his promises to the people, He must first forgive them and write off their debt in the book of life (Rev 20:12, Isa 43:25). In God's eyes our sins are as thick as a cloud. With our sin in the way everything is distorted. Regardless of the transgressions God seeks to establish his relationship. His words, Return unto me are proof He desires both restoration and forgiveness. The only way to deserve God's forgiveness is because of His grace and His love. Same may say favor as well, so let's put that put that in with grace. In today's world we tend to make a lot of mistakes, bad choices, and several regrets. There are many things we have said, done, seen, or heard that has corrupted our hearts. Some of us have a lot of regrets and baggage. Nonetheless, OUR imperfections do not make US worthless. Regardless of what it is that bumps us in the night, God found a reason to have our souls bought with a price. Regardless of the great difficulties in the way of those in Jerusalem receiving their deliverance, God's divine power removed them. Nothing is too hard for God! Divine favor is beautiful.

Be encouraged today family to learn to move forward. Confess those things to God and ask HIM to show you how to move forward. We do not repent in order that He may redeem us, but because He hath redeemed us. He who believes in his being forgiven cannot but love (Luke 7:43, 47).