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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Practice gratitude.

Being thankful for what we have in our life is such a powerful way to help love and appreciate everything around us. Even on my worst days I remind myself that there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for. Gratitude can also be considered thankfulness, appreciation, or indebtedness.  Which all means to show favor, grace, or when a debt is owed -forgive.  Our Psalmist David understood gratitude. He said,  Because your loving kindness is better than life, my lips shall praise you. (Psalm 63:3) We have been shown the ultimate gratitude from God, who's gift to us should have been judgement for our crimes.  Instead he has given us atonemen that is efficient to bare all of our sins so he could desire a fellowship with the best heaven has to offer (John 3:16).  When we understand this, we understand true grace.  When we understand true grace, we can understand why we should have gratitude towards God.  If we cannot understand this, we must feel a grace that we think we actually deserve, which makes everything God did for us irrelevant. 

Let's look at Psalm 63:3. "Lovingkindness," means not kind acts merely, but the kindness of love.  It "is better than life," refers to the second death. It is not in the destruction of being, but of well-being because sin destroyed man's eternal well-being, but the "lovingkindness" of God sanctifies life's sorrows.  His "lovingkindness" restores, endears and sweetens life's comforts. Isn't that beautiful? Glory to God. When David says, "my lips shall praise you," he means he will address the LORD GOD in a loud tone, with his words. This return of gratitude by David shows his personal, joyous devotion to a personal God.  So God's gratitude to us, should invoke us to have a gratitude towards HIM, by still finding Him worthy, regardless of what happens in our day-to-day life.  When we are grateful to Him, it shows we are faithful and we know God rewards those who are faithful to Him.  

Each night before we go to sleep, we should think of three things that we are grateful for. Drift off to sleep with that spirit of gratitude in your heart.