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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Stop being so hard on yourself.

No one is perfect -- NO ONE! Stop being so hard on yourself. Maybe you aren't as thin as you'd like to be, your house isn't "perfect," your money is short, or you don't have your dream job yet. A true sense of personal worth and dignity, as scripture points to the need for believers to ground their self-respect in God himself, rather than trusting in the opinion and validation of other individuals or society as a whole.  The basis of self-respect is a relationship with God. Let's begin with Psalms 139:13, You alone created my inner being. You knitted me together inside my mother. In other words, the PERFECT creator, the Maker of all things, who stretches out the heavens (Isaiah 44:24) designed you.  So WE are God's masterpiece. If for some reason we need something additional we are to ask our generous God (James 1:5).
We should live a life where we are not shaken. The problem is we have lost sight of God's perspective of us and are now focused on societal and cultural  perspective.  The end result... we've spent so much time being hard on our self.  Let's remove the Demotivators and see what happens when we start cheering ourselves on.