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Monday, March 16, 2015

A New Definition

I happened to sit down the other night putting RJ,  my son,  to sleep and I caught the tail end of the the new version of The Odd Couple. There was a religious woman who's first date did not work out but she happened to meet another man who had a cross around his neck and was presented as "semi-religious". He offered her a drink at the bar and she gladly accepted. Why is it, the Christian has to be "semi-religious" on TV or compromised? Why does the Christian have to be over religious or stereotypical on TV? Why does the church have to be made fun of? If Satan can desensitise us about the church, Christendom, our foundation of faith, and convince us demoralization and hypocrisy of our faith is common and acceptable, it would deter us from defending the faith. A Barna Group study on Millennial Americans who leave the church, found 87% of non-Christians found the church “too judgmental,” and 85% found it “hypocritical.” Significant majorities called the church “old-fashioned” (78%) and “too involved in politics” (75%).

It is imperative we impart in the lives of others and be more committed to living holy and acceptable (2 Timothy 2:20-26). Otherwise, we end up letting society formulate the view of the church instead of us. We need to step our game up! We could be the ONLY bible someone ever opens, or the ONLY testament of Jesus someone ever hears.