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Monday, March 23, 2015

Comfort and Compassion

Kayla Montgomery is one of the best distance runners in the USA. She is also one of the only ones that literally gets caught and scooped up at the finish line. Kayla has Multiple Sclerosis as her body heats up the feeling in her legs literally goes away. She feels like her legs are not even there. She is unable to come to a controlled stop at the finish line. So her coach Patrick Cromwell is always there waiting to help her stop, scoop her up, and help her as she cools down. In this video Kayla’s last high school race takes a tragic, very dramatic turn for the worst. As you watch you will see this girl is a fighter, and she will have you on the edge of your seat cheering. - Video Here 
  - Excerpt from

For 4 years Kayla relied on Patrick to catch her after every grueling race and for 4 years Patrick committed to catching Kayla. We may feel sad for Kayla and have a lot of compassion for Patrick, but let's look for God in this. Despite her diagnosis, she presses on. Despite, the effort it takes to care for his athlete, Patrick presses on. Kayla continues to pursue a sport that is draining to her body, trusting her coach will be at the finish line every time, regardless of the race. If Kayla needs him, he is there. Kayla and Patrick are examples of how God loves us. Bear with me and flip perspectives on this relationship.  God wants us to run his race as well, but that is not my point. The point is, whether the situation is marginal, or extraordinary, God wants to be there for us.  He wants to especially help us get through the discomforts. Our race does not stop, but God wants to help. We will always encounter helpless situations, because we are not God, but with God we will get through. God would not offer himself up as the comforter if he did intend to comfort us in our troubles (2 Corinthians 1:4).  He comforts us so we may comfort others. Patrick is doing more than catching his athlete. He is comforting her because she is helpless. She is trusting because she knows she is helpless. This is why it is important to have compassion for others.  So if you see someone today that could use some "catching" show some compassion, provide some comfort. You may be the only opportunity for that person today.