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Wednesday, March 11, 2015


The book of Nehemiah in 10 words or less .... Returning Jewish exiles rebuild the broken walls of Jerusalem. Nehemiah, the King's Cup Bearer (wine taster either for quality or for poison or for both), was a commoner in a unique position. He had little power, but great influence. A cup bearer for royalty was not just a personal servant but also a trusted confidant and advisor, which is an office of great responsibility, power, and honor in the Persian Empire. Nonetheless, Nehemiah learns the exiled Jews that were permitted to return to Judah, have not restored the walls of Jerusalem after the Babylonian's destruction. Nehemiah returns to Jerusalem, against much paganism opposition, leading builders to help restore the walls. To their enemy's dismay, it happened within 52 days. Let's start at the beginning though. The #1 thing that Nehemiah did first was PRAY. After receiving bad news about the state of the Jerusalem walls, Nehemiah recognized God's holiness, asked for a hearing, confessed his sin, and asked for specific help in approaching the king. Nehemiah put God first and sought God's direction in his plans and concerns. In return, God prepared Nehemiah's heart and which gave God room to work.

How often are we pouring out our heart to God? How often are we giving God a specific request to answer? I once read a blog about 5 Reasons it Is Wise to Pour Out Your Heart to God ...

1. Because God hears
2. Because God knows
3. Because God cares
4. Because God’s timing is perfect
5. Because God can change…me!

Recognize our God is Holy and Sovereign. When you reveal your heart to God, He pours in His Grace. Grace, which is accessed only by faith, is the power of God by which He does righteousness through anyone who will yield to Him.  I always try to remember the most stable shape is a triangle. At the 2 bottom corners is you and the "thing you desire". God must be at the top-middle.  JESUS AT THE CENTER!

credit: Reasons it Is Wise to Pour Out Your Heart to God