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Monday, March 30, 2015

Seek The Good Shepherd

Let's take a look at the word shepherd today. We will use John 10:14 as our text, which says, "I am the good shepherd, and know my [sheep], and am known of mine." All throughout Jesus' ministry, he was about his Father's business and he, Jesus, is there to be The Way. Some may consider shepherd as a Pastor, but that is limiting the word. I believe the word shepherd is undervalued. A shepherd is also considered the protector, and feeder. When I look at these definitions, my mind starts asking questions.

  1. Jesus, the feeder ... If I am not digging in to the Word of God, then you are not eating from the hand of The Good Shepherd. So, who is feeding me or what am I being fed?
  2. Jesus, the protector ... If I am letting every emotional situation make me waffle in my faith, or if ever situation is getting me riled up, chances are I do not know The Good Shepherd as my protector. So, who is protecting me?
  3. Jesus, the ruler ... If I am waffling in faith, not eating from God's hand, and so on, then chances are I are not being ruled by The Good Shepherd. So, who is ruling me?
Jesus goes on to say, "I am the good shepherd; the good shepherd lays down His life for the sheep." If you are not being shepherd, then you are dealing with someone who has their interest as a higher priority. God has a personal investment in us. He desires to reestablish His relationship with us. He designed us, but sin has put such a barrier between God and man that we have been hoodwinked into thinking that this world has more to offer. The master of this work is but a hired hand. We've heard the expression, no one treats your stuff like you. Well its the same here. The Devil only has his intentions as his priority - to seek, kill, and destroy.  God wants to give you his riches and glory, whereas the adversary is like a wolf - sneaky, cunning, and clever. The chapter goes on speaking of "the seizing and scattering" of the adversary, which shows how this hostile power not only devastates, but destroys; not only crushes individuals, but ruins Churches, families, and relationships. The sheep do not belong to him, as they do to a good shepherd. In fact, there is no living bond of common interest links them to each other. Only through The Good Shepherd.  Seek The Good Shepherd!!!