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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Subject: Heart & Faith

@ToddAdkins: What the heart most wants,
the mind finds reasonable,
the will finds doable, and
the emotions find desirable

It is important to focus your heart on God,  not people or substances.  Especially substances because they are temporal. People will falter and let you down when it comes to walking with God.

Ever notice when you put your heart into something and sometimes the outcome does not workout but you are still impressed by your accomplishment? That is because you willed yourself to do more than expected. Your heart was 'after that thing'.  Mostly everyone can relate to love... when your heart leads you with the wrong or right person REGARDLESS of what the outside world says? For some its the biggest mistake of our lives and for others it's the best risk we've ever taken. The truth is the heart is not evil, but what you focus your heart on that makes it evil.

Matthew 5:8
Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.

Where is your heart today? If we put our heart in Jesus Christ, where do we believe we will be led?  Will We not be conquers or overcomers? The bible says through Jesus we can do all things. I am a firm believer this is possible because we focus so much on him with our heart he rewards it doable. Jesus almighty! Otherwise if your heart is not in it,  chances are your faith is not there either. If it was, your heart would be there too. 'Heart' and 'spirit' can be used interchangeably. So consider this OUR faith is where OUR heart (spirit) is.