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Monday, June 8, 2015

El Roi

You may just want Jesus to change your CIRCUMSTANCES but He wants to change your whole LIFE. We must understand that God is not a vending machine.

The Hebrew word Roi (roe-EE) can be spoken
  1. Yahweh Roi, can be translated Lord is my shepherd, or 
  2. El Roi, the God who watches over me 
Abel, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, and David were all Shepherds. Their job was to protect their sheep from dangers. We're not talking about protecting sheep in a wide open green pasture you would find in England somewhere. We are talking about dusty, barren mountains and hills.  The requires much movement as well as risks of predators, thieves, and taking potential risks to find good ground.

GOD'S WORD® Translation says I will look for those that are lost, bring back those that have strayed away, bandage those that are injured, and strengthen those that are sick. I will destroy those that are fat and strong. I will take care of my sheep fairly. Ezekiel 34:16

To properly embrace these truths about God, we have to come face to face  with the truth within ourselves. Like the sheep, we can be stubborn, oblivious to danger, and yes ... foolish. Let our prayer be of thanks and appreciation.  Thank Him for his grace and patience. Be committed to let Him lead and put your trust in Him, especially in the areas of struggle.