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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

No Paralyzed Faith Here

Don't let your bad memories paralyze you from stepping out of faith. Remember, God's mercy intervened to change your situation(s) around. You are here now! In Acts 14 and 15 we learn of Apostle Paul going through the worst of life's situations and faced opportunities to quit. Instead he fought the good fight of faith to not let these diversions prevent him from pressing forward. We should not either! We get too caught up in our difficulties and not enough in the provisions of God. We should commit to moving forward in faith and overcome the thoughts of dropping out of the race.  
The most admired athletes are the ones that endure adversity such as a tragic injury and manage to overcome. They are labeled 'Comeback Player of the Year'.  Likewise, as a Disciple of Christ, the ones the who press forward are the ones that are admired by those in their environment. In order to press forward, you must know who God is to you.  This will propel you to keep the faith. #Amen!  You don't get the award or label, but people ask for your insight on how you can still praise God even after losing a loved one or job, or struggling with your marriage or finances. They want to know "How do you do it?" You become their inspiration. The grace God provides, makes you a living testimony.  Know this, getting through your mess does not disqualify you, it QUALIFIES you.

#praisegod #hope