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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Lead Me Lord

Before you begin your day ask God to order your steps according to HIS plans for you. This is essentially asking for His will to be done on Earth, like in the Lord's Prayer.

When we fail to ask for God to intervene, we fail to fall into position. For example, our daughter loves to help with the dishes, but I don't need her to help with the dishes ... I need her to take a shower. Sofia believes in her heart she is helping, but she is not doing what I need her to do. However, when she asks me for direction I can direct her. The same is for us. God knows the plans for us, but we don't  know his plans. 

If we never ask Him to guide us, we are blindly walking a path, instead of walking with His provisions. Wouldn't life be better served with the guidance of a God that seeks to guide you through to His promises?
Order my steps in your word dear Lord. Lead me, guide me every way.  Order my steps in your word.